Touching B.A.S.E. Newspaper - Summer 2018

BASE students holding hands outside
B.A.S.E. Daycare students and daycare workers holding hands in a circle
Montreal - Friday, June 15, 2018

This Summer 2018 issue is jam-packed with news from the EMSB B.A.S.E. Daycares: A sad but joyous retirement for the pioneer of the B.A.S.E. Daycare Program, Rosa Fuoco, students getting active, new media initiatives and a two-page spread of Daycare Week and Food Revolution photos are just the tip of the iceberg! 

The newly trained B.A.S.E. Educator Media team filled almost half of the newspaper with their stories and photos in their debut issue! They covered Earth Day, Mother’s Day, We Club and Play IT Fair! just to name a few!

There are lots of exciting developments underway (and in store) for Green Clubs and their schoolyard gardens as the environmental educational core of the B.A.S.E. Program grows and grows. 

Touching B.A.S.E. Summer 2018