School News

Technology Fair

Montreal - Tuesday, May 5, 2020

As of fall 2019, Our Lady of Pompei School became the first East-end school from the EMSB implementing a Technology Initiative featuring S.T.E.A.M. in its curriculum. Consequently, on Thursday, February 27, 2020, Our Lady of Pompei Elementary School hosted their first Tech Fair. The fair encompassed different components and the projects on display were showcasing the implementation of Science, Technology, Robotics and Multimedia.

The Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten students displayed how they use Bee bots into their everyday routine practicing their numbers and alphabet. They use an application that allows them to maneuver the Bee Bots movements onto their maps.

The grade 1 students created their own map of a simulated city. Afterwards, our little engineers had their BeeBots circulate through their city.

The grade 2 students presented their projects on Artic Animals through video presentations. They converted their presentations into QR codes that can be scanned, read and displayed onto any smartphone device.

Some of our grade 3 students demonstrated their musical talent through their Makey-Makey software while other students displayed their building skills through Minecraft Education. Both programs allow the students to develop and improve their coding strategies, their creativity; encourage teamwork and problem-solving skills. While Minecraft Education promotes visual-spatial concept, Makey-Makey promotes the imaginative and the inventive part of the brain.

The grade 4 presented their parks models built on science concept of Simple Machines. They used craft items such as Popsicle sticks, cardboard, clay, cotton swabs and paper in order to simulate common playground equipment.  This encouraged the students to research and study how to create their own simple machines like, pulleys, levers, inclined planes and more.

The grade 5 emphasized on the multi-media sphere of the fair and presented all the work they have done throughout the school year through the Seesaw application and through Google slides. They also demonstrated how they use Canva, a designing application, for their comic strip projects. They frequently use these applications for their classwork, homework and school projects.

The grade 6 students demonstrated their Microbit projects. They displayed their coding skills by creating songs through a software to promote digital creativity. These songs can then be uploaded and transferred onto a digital and or tangible Microbit drive. They also demonstrated how our schools 3D printer functions by producing game tokens through the TinkerCad application for their game board project. Additionally, other students in grade 6 demonstrated how they incorporate Google slides into the school curriculum. They presented their Storytelling assignments through the WeVideo application that allowed them to support their imaginative narrative.

Our Robotics Club presented their SUMO wrestling robots and our daycare groups took part of the Tech Fair using engineering and science to create their Bug Hotel and their reproduction of the NASA Satellite using marshmallows and toothpicks.

Students, teachers, staff, parents and EMSB consultants and visitors came to enjoy the different displays at the fair. Congratulations to all our students and teachers for their hard work. A big thank you to Kish Gué for his continuous support throughout the fair and a special thank you and acknowledgment to Bianca Latin, who coordinated the fair and made it a great success! Hope to see more visitors for our 2021 Science and Tech Fair.